Meet our partners: The Office for Urban Transitional Spaces maintains a large network. Constant exchange and close collaboration with our partners complement our range of services with further competence.

Logo Ungestalt
Ungestalt Leipzig
Umfassende Markenkommunkation: Grafikdesign, Markendesign, Corporate Design, Urban Communication und vieles mehr
Logo Tripolis
2 mal mit Profis
Die Social Media Profis
Logo Kreatives Leipzig
Kreatives Leipzig
Our cultural and creative industries network in Leipzig
Logo Kokoma
KOKOMA Maria Köhler
Expert for PR and project management
Logo Andreas Milles
Andreas Milles
Partner for strategic and brand communication
Logo Creative Tide
Creative Tide
Coaching for cultural and creative entrepreneurs
Logo Anja Jungnickel Fotografin
Anja Jungnickel
Logo Vision Bakery
Vision Bakery
Leipzig based crowdfunding platform with projects from all over Germany
Verwegener & Trefflich
Unternehmensberater für Innovationsstrategien